Why Meridian Homes

In an industry where every dollar counts, choosing Meridian Homes is a strategic move! Our commitment to excellence and quality leads to unparalleled satisfaction.


Meridian homes have value beyond their price tag. They offer lower utility costs, less maintenance, and good resale value. This makes them affordable.


We build Meridian homes indoors in our advanced facility. This ensures precision and protection from the weather.



Meridian Homes is dedicated to offering lasting homes. Innovative design, top-notch materials, and quality construction ensure an enduring structure.


Meridian has homes for every lifestyle and taste. We have diverse floorplans, unique appliances, fixtures, and finishes. It’s a testament to our industry leadership.


About Us

Pick a Meridian home? As a triple award-winning manufacturer, our attention to detail sets us apart from the other companies. Affordability is more than the price your client pays for their home. It’s also about how much money they spend every month on things like utilities, repairs, and what they can sell their home for later. This all boils down to how the home is built. If a home isn’t builtstrong from the start, no promises or guarantees can fix all the problems you’ll have. At Meridian, we’re known for building strong homes. We have the best reputation in the Southwest, and our homes keep their value better than others. We create amazing floor plans that mix modern ideas with classic ones. You can choose all kinds of things like paint colors, floors, cabinets, and countertops that make your home offerings unique.

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Our Facilities

Fort Worth


Fort Worth Homes represent the pinnacle of affordable luxury and innovative design in the realm of manufactured and modular homes. These homes not only elevate your profit margins but also set a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Fort Worth Decor



Lancaster Homes delivers unmatched value for your clients’ hard-earned money. Our homes are crafted with utmost efficiency, presenting an unbeatable inventory tailored to first-time buyers and those who value budget-friendly options.

Lancaster Decor

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